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Meet the 2022 TYM2THRIVE Conference Speakers: Nikki Minor, Grants Manager at Work With Grants

On Saturday, October 15, 2022 in Largo, MD, Nikki Minor will be speaking and teaching about MONEY MANAGEMENT: SAVINGS STRATEGY sharing her insight and experience to elevate all in attendance as a part of the TYM2THRIVE Conference.

Work With Grants Inc (WWG) is a grants consulting and resource management company that works with data analytics to uncover and solve problems. WWG seeks ways to expand economic opportunities within the communities across America. Starting in the state of Maryland, WWG works to connect the needs and desires of the community to the businesses, community leaders and influencers who look to develop and incorporate improvements. Established in 2022 by a passionate Market Analyst, C. Olivia Minor has recognized and tracked industry trends over 20+ years in risk management programs while providing strategic feedback and creating resources which assist in recording measured successes.

Using WWG tools and resources the community learns to regain ownership of their ideas, thoughts, concerns, and concentrations. WWG opens access to all adults, 18 years or older, to join the membership community one household at a time. Starting small, WWG tools and resources are useful and simply designed to reach each household, including disenfranchised individuals, meeting their needs to engage and connect them to established resources in the community geared toward advancing their area of interest.

Connect to to join for free as a WWG Community Member and share your thoughts and feedback on how you can help your community grow stronger.

To register for this event visit

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