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Once In A Blue Moon | 8.30.23


Mindset & Money Management are a part of every aspect of our lives. The various phases of change that we experience give us an opportunity to increase our consciousness and improve our competence as we evolve and grow. This is to our advantage as we make our path to financial freedom through self-sufficiency. Paying attention to our environment is critical to our Mindset Awareness is the way we maintain our Spiritual Awareness (see TYM2THRIVE: 10 STEPS Book). The Universe around us is full of many wonders. The moon is just one of them, but very significant because it controls currency.

There are many sayings with regard to the activity of the moon, however the most relevant on this 30th day of August in 2023 is the cliche, "once in a blue moon." It's relevant because tonight such an phase will occur. A Blue Moon is identified by it's frequency in appearance, which happens to be not so frequent. Every so often there is a full moon twice in one month. The second of the two is considered the Blue Moon. There is said to be a heighted energy for the power of having two full moon occurrences within a calendar month. The full moon alone encourages the conclusion of a cycle to reveal results. While the process gives an opportunity for both gratitude and forgiveness in reflection. Are there any cycles coming to a close for you personally? Are there any financial projects that require your attention? Are there any challenges that you are in the process of overcoming? Is there a celebration in order due to a recent success?

This Blue Moon falls on a wonderful Wednesday. May you have wisdom, gain wealth and be winning all day. Be sure to take a few moments to meditate on and write out your goals for the last trimester of the year. What are you bringing to birth in 2024?

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