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MarimorLife Mindset & Money Management hosts four major annual fundraiser events in support of the TYM2THRIVE Movement.

MarimorLife GLOSS Gala | TYM2THRIVE Golf Drive |  Lifestyle & Legacy Wellness Retreat | TYM2THRIVE Conference

In addition we host monthly seminars, workshops, online courses and broadcasts to support and promote

Financial Education, Awareness, and Literacy.

Much of the work we have done, are currently doing and plan to continue involves giving back to the community in which we serve. While we absolutely thrive on sharing this information with our clients, oftentimes we meet people who want to learn about how to master their money however they lack the funds to pay for the valuable services and products we offer to meet their need. Thus, MarimorLife has created the TYM2THRIVE Movement and is partnering with nonprofit organizations in the DMV to provide these courses and financial literacy support services. 

When you sponsor these events you are supporting theses efforts in the best way. We make donations of time, effort and money to support our community in elevating where financial education, awareness and literacy are concerned. Every sponsorship is also an investment as your business or project will be promoted according to your chosen marketing package. Please take a look at each sponsorship level and the marketing package benefits that are included.


Our audience of prospects and clients will be made aware of your support for our Financial Education, Awareness & Literacy programs and have an opportunity to reach out and connect with you based on your sponsorship of these amazing activities. We look forward to your support as we continue to provide motivation, education, guidance and support to every MarimorLife client and TYM2THRIVE financial education student.

Golf Drive Sponsorship

Click on a sponsorship package for full marketing package and benefit details.

General Sponsorship Packages

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