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Be Transformed

This is for YOU.


Whether you own the book or you plan to get one, the TYM2THRIVE CONFERENCE is all about creating the transformation you want to see in your life. You deserve more in 2024. This is a great place to start.


2023 Conference Theme: FEAL GOOD 4 LIFE

TYM2THRIVE Author, Kevette Minor Kane, encourages and empowers her community to practice Financial Education, Awareness & Literacy and understand how to Get Out Of Debt and navigate the 4 phases of Living In Financial Excellence are essential pieces of the puzzle to create your big picture.  Your best life includes a level of quality and a peace of mind that are not inherent but rather require attention to be established and maintained.  So let's make it happen.


Everyone wants to have enough money to live the lifestyle and leave the legacy of their choice. Are you 100% sure about how to make that happen? 


Well, check out the BONUS for those attending this year's conference. THRIVE WITH GRANTS!!!

We have two very special guests coming in to show and tell you about how to search, find, apply for and win GRANTS.

- C. Olivia Minor is the Principal Grant Manager at WORK WITH GRANTS where she supports her community in identifying grants for personal and business funding. She works with HOA's, citizens, and entrepreneurs to find the grants that will make their lives and businesses work successfully.

- Dondra Davenport is the Lead Grant Writer at MOTHERHOOD & MENTORSHIP where she has won SIX-FIGURES for her clients to fund their projects. She works with for-profit and nonprofit businesses and organizations to apply for grants to fund their business success.


Come learn about Mindset Awareness, Money Strategy, Financial Routine, Plan of Action, Self-Sufficiency, and Financial Freedom. Enjoy Networking & Workshops with Kevette Kane, C. Olivia Minor & Dondra Davenport as you take advantage of this BONUS: THRIVE WITH GRANTS!!! about how to make them work for you and your business from an expert Grant Manager and a six-figure winning Grant Writer.


Register today and we'll see you as you take the next step on your journey. Now is your TYM2THRIVE!!!


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