Presenting Kevette Minor Kane

as a Co-Author in the Anthology Project entitled

Reinvented to Rise!

Stories of Women Who Transformed In Order to Soar

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The chapter she contributed to this work, From Rescue Fantasy to Full Responsibility, is about how Kevette transitioned in life from survival mode as she transformed her mindset and transformed her money management to thrive.


What drives her on this journey to self-sufficiency? What tough choices was she faced with? What traumas did she survive? How can you benefit from the lessons she has learned?

This chapter answers those questions and leads you toward a transitional transformation of your own, if you so desire. As a complimentary inclusion, along with all the other chapters contributed by some amazing co-authors. These women are sharing their stories about how they each have been Reinvented to Rise! as they have navigated through some of life’s toughest challenges that many of us experience.


This book is for every woman and the men that love and support them. Understanding, empathy and encouragement are the keys to continued growth and empowerment as we each take the next steps on our journey Reinvented to Rise!

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Be Encouraged & Empowered...

Kevette is inviting you to read her story for yourself and the amazing stories of the other Co-Authors who have all transformed in order to soar.to be encouraged about the challenges that many face. These stories are not only captivating but motivating and inspiring as you learn what it took for them to overcome these traumatic events and be transformed in order to soar. This Amazon Best Seller and #1 New Release will empower you to shift from focusing on what happened to you to what you can make happen in your life. 


You may click the link below to purchase this book for just $20.00 and enjoy your personal paperback copy.

Your love and encouragement are so greatly appreciated. We thank you in advance for showing your support of Kevette and this entire project by clicking the link below.

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