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Reinvented To Rise Intro Pic IG.jpg

Introducing Kevette Minor Kane Co-Author

Reinvented to Rise

Reinvented To Rise Intro Pic IG.jpg

Stories of Women Who Transformed in Order to Soar

This Anthology includes the amazing stories of 15 women overcoming trauma and tragedy to become stronger and more successful than ever.


The chapter Kevette contributes to this work, From Rescue Fantasy to Full Responsibility, is about how she transitioned in life from survival mode through a mindset reset to improve her personal money management & return to a career in financial services to thrive.


Discover what drives her on this journey to self-sufficiency, what tough choices was she faced with, what traumas she survived, and how you can benefit from the lessons she has learned.

This book is for every woman and the men that love and support them. Understanding, empathy and encouragement are the keys to continued growth and empowerment as we each take the next steps on our journey to rise in life.

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