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Kevette Minor Kane is a financial liberation expert, a financial educator and strategist, an ambassador for “self-worth and gratitude” and a proponent for financial empowerment, especially small business. She guides her clients on their journey to self-sufficiency by educating them to take back their financial power and supporting them in gaining the confidence to fulfill their purpose in life. She has learned to thrive despite the challenges and obstacles many face in life. She understands the needs of her community and has turned her lessons into blessings for all who listen to her insightful wisdom and sound advice.


She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the Earl Graves School of Business at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. She has also gained certifications in both Emotional Intelligence and Financial Education because she values continuing education and understands the correlation between emotions and financial decisions. Her goal is to encourage and empower everyone to establish and maintain a healthy and whole lifestyle. She lives by the motto, “Never Underestimate Your Ability to Thrive.”


As CEO & Founder of MarimorLife Mindset & Money Management her mission is to elevate people worldwide to a greater quality of life. She starts this process through workshops and seminars hosted online and in-person. Kevette then supports her clients through Financial Planning, Business Strategy and Mindset Coaching. As an educator, a coach, a public speaker and an author she shares her message of financial liberation through a transformational process which incorporates emotional-mental well-being with improved financial habits for continued success.

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After surviving three major traumas in less than two years (before the COVID-19 pandemic), it was going to take more than a simple budget to put her life back together and reach her financial goals.


She realized that although she had knowledge of how money works it was absolutely necessary to understand how our emotions affect our relationship with money in order to create a healthy balance between mindset and money management that is the success most people desire.

She has defined Money Trauma and Financial Abuse to increase the consciousness of her community. She provides solutions through Financial Education, Awareness & Literacy to increase the competence of her community. It is her mission to contribute to supporting everyone who is willing to do the work in creating better habits to establish a greater quality of life. That means living the lifestyle you desire and deserve, while being able to leave a legacy for future generations.

This is where you get the education, guidance and support you need to take your next steps toward self-sufficiency to achieve the ultimate goal of financial liberation.

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Career Recognition & Accomplishments

  • Member of the Financial Literacy Education Program Advisory Committee for Prince Georges County Public Schools. (2023)

  • Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship Educator for MTM Foundation in connection with the Baltimore City Mayor's Office for African American Male Engagement (MOAMME) YouthWorks Program. (2023)

  • Creator of the “Financial Liberation Seminar” highlighting how money works and how to make your money work for you. (2021-23)

  • Speaker & Mentor for EDAC at Morgan State University (2023)

  • Author of the TYM2THRIVE Book Series including: (1)Transform Your Mind & Transform Your Money to Thrive: 10 Steps to Self-Sufficiency, (2) Life Lessons about How Mindset Affects Money Management, (3) Monthly Planner & Progress Tracker, (4) Transform to Thrive Journal, and (5) Stories & Poems to be Healed, Healthy & Whole (2022-23)

  • Featured in the Vision & Purpose Magazine September 2020 issue for her passion as a public speaker.

  • Highlighted as one of the Top 50 Unstoppable Innovators of 2021 in Women of Distinction Magazine in October 2021.

  • Voted as one of SUCCESS Magazine’s TOP 125 Thought Leaders of 2021 (published February 2022)

  • Speaker at various workshops and conferences online and in person sharing the TYM2THRIVE message. (2020-23)

  • Writer, producer and editor at for TYM2THRIVE newsletter and blog.

  • Broadcast producer and host of the MarimorLife: Mind & Money YouTube Channel and TYM2THRIVE Podcast.


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