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4 Steps to Start Your Journey….

I was recently asked about how I would recommend someone starting the healing process after trauma. While I understand that there is no single method to starting or progressing, these are the four main steps that I incorporated into my daily routine when I began a conscious healing process after surviving three major traumas in less than two years.

1. Write

Take a moment when you first wake up to journal your thoughts. What are the things you’re most concerned about? What are you most grateful for in this moment? What are your goals for the near and distant future?

Often times we wake up with our minds revving up for the day. This practice will assist you in maintaining your clarity so that you’re able to focus on one task at a time without losing sight of the many tasks that contribute to your big picture. Get organized. Set your Schedule. Get it done!

2. Read

Now it’s time to build and develop. Scientifically the hippocampus grows or increases in function through our learning process. Education is the key here. Find a personal development book to read first thing in the morning and get your day off with a spark. This is your opportunity to fill up with motivation and inspiration for transformation. It all starts with mindset. Let’s go!

3. Exercise

Once you’ve got your mind going, now it’s time to get those juices flowing. What juices, you ask? Your happy hormones, including the adrenaline, dopamine, and endorphins. When you understand that your mind and body work together then you can implement the steps necessary to keep moving forward both literally and analogically. Regardless of what specific activity you choose, because a simple walk around the block will do or even a 7 min online workout, this is your time to shine. Get moving!

4. Meditate

Begin your day with a moment of silence. Give honor to all the challenges you’ve overcome. Give yourself an opportunity to reset and start from the top. Recognize what’s weighing you down and acknowledge that there’s a power at work greater than you, whether that’s your community or an energy source or a God that you worship. Allowing peace to be the tone you set for the day will usher in the abundance you truly desire.

There are many more things you can add to this list and possibly even substitute based on your personal preferences. We hope this supports you in the effort toward taking your next steps on the journey to self-sufficiency.

Kevette Minor Kane,CFEI, CEIP

Financial Liberation Expert

MarimorLife LLC, Mindset & Money Management

Follow @marimorlife for tips and strategies

Connect with @iamkevette for motivation to transform your mind and your money.

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