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Updated: Jan 7

I learned a few things in 2023 that I plan to keep as blessings in lessons for sure.

It was a challenging year for me both personally and in business. There was a bit of instability and let’s not overlook the inflation that has left a mark on our economy as a whole. This felt like getting a dollar sign tattoo in a very sensitive spot. However, the turn of the year has brought a great shift of abundance and peace in so many ways.

So what did I learn???

1. Surround yourself with people who truly truly love you.

Even if that means being alone, which means you must love you first. You’ll be much better for setting healthy boundaries. Protect your peace at all costs and continue to see the lessons within the challenges. I promise you that no one is perfect but when you practice being in purpose, yes, IN PURPOSE, then you will remain positive and productive, and progress is inevitable.

2. I can do hard things all by myself because I’m never alone.

I’ve never felt so alone as I did during my last move. I found a new place to live during 

the Holidays and there was no one available to assist with moving my furniture. I don’t have much heavy furniture just a couple of book shelves and an IKEA closet. I reached out to several resources for assistance from the strong men in my life and well, crickets. I was left with the task of moving that big closet all by myself and after many days of pray and supplication I simply mustered up the audacity and the strength to do it alone. I put it on the handtruck, moved slowly, spoke to my angels along the way and gave it all I had. IT WAS AMAZING!!! At one point I could feel my angel stabilize the closet so that it wouldn’t fall on me or off the handtruck. From the apartment, to the Jeep, to the storage unit. DONE, DONE & DONE!!! 

I WAS SO BOOSTED!!! My faith is through the roof, my confidence is a solid foundation and my truth is that when I’m alone, I’m never alone. Ase

3. Less is more. Simple is sacred. Minimize to maximize.

I moved into a temporary space so that I can better prepare for the space I truly want. I’ve set a goal and a timeline. I’m not deadlocked on anything because I trust the Universe and the Source, my Creator more than anything ever at this point in my life. I know the work I have to do and I trust the process. What’s for me is FOR ME. I have everything I need right now, always have and always will.

The space I’m in is small but it is my sanctuary. It’s warm and cozy, with the scent of sage by mist and the dimness of candle light. There is such a healing vibe here. I am so grateful.

Getting to this place was no easy task though. I fought the Universe long and hard by going against the inclinations I felt for far too long because I was scared and didn’t want to do the hard work. But in the end it has been a WIN:WIN. The Universe WON and so did I. 


I can only imagine that I’m not alone in those sentiments. A lot of people are scared to do the hard work associated with financial recovery. So what! You made a few mistakes. That’s not the end of the story, unless you make it. You can always hit the reset button and start again. Nothing but death can keep you from growing and improving. So with all the life in you, just decide to transform your mind and your money management and then MAKE IT HAPPEN.

My advice: Listen to your intuition. You already know all the answers for you. Sometimes you’ll want confirmation so pray and be aware of the response. It doesn’t always come as we expect, but you’ll know. Oh, and if you ask anyone for anything, just ask them to pray for you. Don’t share the need with everyone because they don’t need to know. Some can unfortunately be counterproductive. But you’ll know who you can seek insight from and who’s mature enough to give good direction. If you don’t already know, you’ll learn. Pay attention.

So join me this year, BE BETTER AND ACCOMPLISH MORE in 2024. You deserve it!


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