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Creating a Firm Financial Foundation for 2022

Now is your time to thrive. There is no more waiting for rescue but rather taking full responsibility for where we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going. You’ve already made it through some of the toughest years this world has ever seen. But don’t get stuck in survival mode Sis. You deserve better. So how do you flip that switch from surviving to thriving?

There are three simple steps in this process. Creating them is the easy part. It’s doing the work that will require a bit of self-firstness. That’s right, you heard me Sis. I created a whole new word for what we’ve got to accomplish in 2022 because we’ve never been to this place before. So, now let me just lay the rebar and pour the concrete so we have a solid foundation to build upon. The simple definition for Self-Firstness is when you ensure that you are fully conscious and well cared for as you prepare to move through the process of serving others. As women, we are either natural caretakers or charged with the responsibility whether or not it comes to us naturally. Considering this perspective for the majority of the global population of about 3.9 billion women we must outline a process that we can all participate in and maintain as a good habit going forward.

Three Steps to Self-Firstness

1. Daily Routine

At the start of your day, there must be a ritual or process that you use to prepare yourself through mind, body and spirit. There are four steps recommended by MarimorLife Mindset & Money Management that will lead you into each day refreshed and motivated to handle the tasks and overcome the challenges that may come up in the day: read, write, exercise, and meditate.

2. Weekly Routine

At the start of each week, you want to recalibrate your mindset by understanding your bank balances. Taking a few minutes to check your account balance and glance over the spending from the previous week will allow you to determine whether you stayed on budget. Having a surplus is certainly something to celebrate but finding a deficit will support you in making the necessary adjustment to prevent any deep financial damage from occurring through needless spending or unexpected expenses.

3. Monthly Routine

At the start of each month, you want to review all activity from the previous month, record transactions to your personal online ledger and set goals for the month ahead. When you track your money then you can control it, which means you are able to keep more.

By implementing these three major steps into your life habits you will lay a firm foundation for your financial future. You see, it’s not how much money you make that determines your wealth but rather the money you keep that creates a lifestyle for your future self and a legacy for future generations.

What are your goals for 2022? How will you accomplish them? Share your thoughts or find the support you need for accountability and consistency at MarimorLife Mindset & Money Management.

Kevette Minor Kane

Financial Liberation Expert

MarimorLife Mindset & Money Management

Social: @marimorlife


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