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Honoring All Who Served: Veterans Day 2022

This is a special day for those who’ve known someone who has served in the United States Military. Whether from the Air Force, Army, Navy, or Marines the value of their dedication and sacrifice to protect our freedom and democracy (regardless of judging how well that all works) is immeasurable. Our appreciation here at MarimorLife Mindset & Money Management is of a special sentiment as the Father of our Founder served as a Marine, while her nephew is currently serving in the Army.

Today we take a pause and give a salute to honor them and the millions like them who have served and continue to serve. We hope to provide a special measure of care for our military members and veterans on their journey to self-sufficiency by offering a special Military/Veteran Financial Consultation. We want you to know that we take a special measure in caring for you too. Thank you for your service. May you continue to serve well. Happy Veteran’s Day 2022.


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