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What Does Your Financial Bucket Look Like?

When I think of a bucket I think of cleaning up. I’d either be using it to mop the floor or wash the car, personally. However, in this instance, I’d like to paint a different picture for you. First imagine a bucket being filled with water but the level keeps going down because the bottom of the bucket has holes in it and the water keeps leaking out. No matter how much water you put in, the level continually gets depleted, and you don't even get to use the water for its intended purpose. The thing is, you have enough water. That’s not the problem. The issue is with the condition of the bucket and the fact that it leaks out all the water you put into it. Now, think about that water being your money and imagine that bucket is your current money management strategy. The question then becomes, how do you plug the holes in the bucket? Or even better how do you replace it with a bucket that has no holes to begin with?

Now an example of a leaky bucket is when you know you make enough money to cover all your expenses and have some left over but you're still living from paycheck to paycheck. A leaky bucket has holes that make it seem like no matter how much money you make, even when there's an extra or bonus that comes through, you just don't have enough. When that's how you feel about the situation, that's a clear indication that talking to an objective advisor would be of the greatest benefit.

Well, that’s where MarimorLife Mindset & Money Management comes into the picture. We guide our clients to self-sufficiency by teaching you how to keep your bucket from getting holes. However, if you are already dealing with a leaky bucket we can show you how to plug those holes until you can replace the bucket all together. Then we can show you how to fill your new hole-free bucket until it’s overflowing. We teach you how to keep your bucket full and how to use the overflow to serve and support your family, friends, and community, just as you desire and deserve to do.

So whether you know you have a leaky bucket and you need to plug those holes OR if you have a full bucket and want to keep it overflowing, reach out to a MarimorLife Advisor today and we’ll be sure to educate, guide and support you in accomplishing all of your financial goals.

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