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Imposter OR Impression ???

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

As a high school student, there were days when I would dress up as the business woman that I imagined myself to become one day. Some people in their limited perspectives would say that I was dressing up to make pretend. I say I was dressing up to manifest. Whatever you give attention to is what you will get more of in life. Then I was giving attention to the dream and aspiration of becoming an executive and entrepreneur. Today, I am both.

I believe that some people have created this diagnosis of Imposter Syndrome to make people feel bad about playing into creating the reality of their dreams. It is truly an imposition of their own limiting beliefs. Then on the other hand, there are some people who would pretend in order to deceive. We’ll just call them liars and keep it simple.

For many years as a young person, achieving academically and receiving professional development training, I was encouraged to not dress for the job I had or the position where I started but rather to dress for the role I wanted or at least the next level up the ladder. This encouragement came with the teaching that when you want a position with more responsibility and increased rewards you must first demonstrate your ability to handle both. That means that if you’re in an entry level work position and you desire a supervisory position then you must demonstrate your ability to effectively supervise or lead others by your attitude and interactions before the job is assigned to you. That’s not being an imposter, that’s making an impression.

The Bible says she who demonstrates her ability to manage little responsibilities well will also be able to manage large responsibilities well. The same principle applies in life and work. A woman dating like a wife, puts herself in a position to become a wife. A woman who works like a boss also puts herself in a position to become a boss, whether employed or entrepreneurial. The fact is that this universal law has been misrepresented on so many levels.

However, now is the time to shift your mindset and work in harmony with the opportunities that are constantly presenting themselves. This is about not being stuck in a position without growth or increase. That kind of stagnation can kill a persons dreams and aspirations. So my encouragement to you is to be all that you can be and become the person you want to be before you receive the title or designation. That’s not being an imposter. That’s creating the reality of your dreams.

Kevette Minor Kane, CFEI, CEIP

Financial Liberation Expert

MarimorLife LLC, Mindset & Money Management

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