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Kwanzaa Kleanze

The last week of the year provides the perfect opportunity for a reset or prep into the new year ahead. This last week of the year is also celebrated by reflecting on the principles of Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa is a PanAfroCentric* holiday established in 1966 by Dr Maulana Karenga to bring together the African-American/Black community. The principles supporting a well-rounded perspective from faith to financial foundation are essential reminders and worthy of weekly reflection throughout the year. For more information about the history and fundamentals of Kwanzaa visit the Official Kwanzaa Website.

Here though, is an outline for and an encouragement toward making a physical effort to detox and reset our mindset and money management as we head into a new year. This is not advice. You are encouraged first and foremost to connect with your primary medical professionals to ensure that you practice what is most beneficial for your health.

So, for the next year every day is an opportunity to reflect on the principle of the day as follows:

Sunday - Umoja - Unity

Monday - Kujichagulia - Self-Determination

Tuesday - Ujima - Community

Wednesday - Ujamaa - Group Economics

Thursday - Nia - Purpose

Friday - Kuumba - Creativity

Saturday - Imani - Faith

For the Kwanzaa Kleanze there are three daily activities to consider. The first being our mindset. To raise our level of consciousness it is encouraged that we take at least 5 minutes to write our thoughts surrounding the principle of the day. The second activity is for us to reflect on and write about that principle concerning our finances. Reflect on how we've done in that area so far and set goals for progress as we move ahead. The third activity is to manage our eating through fasting and detoxification. This process encourages a shift in our behavior that will lead us to clarity and support us in making better decisions, creating better habits and experiencing a greater quality of life.

One option for detoxing is use of a program called the Master Cleanse. This simple process has many benefits, however, remember to speak with your doctor before deciding to do this cleanse for yourself to ensure you receive the most benefits and are not adversely effected. The spirit of this effort is to raise your level of consciousness through a physical effort. The shift in mindset that is encouraged through this simple practice can influence our future actions to be more self-disciplined and self-aware while contributing to self-care.

After cleansing for 5 days from December 26 - December 30 a day long fast on December 31st can be our lead into the celebration feast of Karama. This in turn gives us the fresh start or reset that will support our day of reflection on Jan1st as we take time to answer the Kawaida Questions establishing our direction into the new year.

If you decide to join this effort in your own way be sure to follow us on Instagram @marimorlife and comment to show your support. Habari Gani!

*PanAfroCentric - includes everyone who is a descendent of Africa; basically, the whole planet.

Happy Kwanza Kings & Kweens!

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