Meet the 2022 TYM2THRIVE Conference Host: Kevette Minor Kane, Financial Liberation Expert

Updated: Oct 14

On Saturday, October 15, 2022 in Largo, MD, Kevette Minor Kane will be hosting the about MINDSET: MENTAL AWARENESS sharing TYM2THRIVE Conference. She will be teaching and sharing insight and experience to elevate all in attendance.

Kevette Minor Kane is a financial liberator, educator, and advisor. She is an ambassador for “self-worth and gratitude” and a proponent for women’s empowerment, especially for women in business. She guides her clients on their journey to self-sufficiency by educating them to take back their financial power and supporting them in gaining the confidence to fulfill their purpose in life.

Kevette understands money trauma and financial abuse because of her personal experience where she survived environmental devastation and domestic abuse. She has learned to thrive despite the challenges and obstacles many face in life. She serves because she understands the need and her passion is to ease or prevent the pain of others with her personal insight and wisdom from the lessons she has learned.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and decided to gain additional

certifications in both Emotional Intelligence and Financial Education because she

values continuing education and understands the correlation between emotions and money management. The goal is to encourage and empower every person she serves to establish and maintain a healthy and whole lifestyle. Kevette has done this work within herself and lives by the motto, “Never Underestimate Your Ability to Thrive.”