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Meet the 2022 TYM2THRIVE Conference Speakers: Dr. Michael A. Young, PHD Financial Consultant

On Saturday, October 15, 2022 in Largo, MD, Dr Michael A. Young will be speaking and teaching about MONEY MANAGEMENT: CREDIT STRATEGY sharing his insight and experience to elevate all in attendance as a part of the TYM2THRIVE Conference.

Admired for shattering financial performance records, driving radical growth, and building the financial infrastructure of The Young Financial Group, Michael Young is a trusted financial expert with a remarkable history of guiding major corporate mergers, designing highly efficient reporting systems, and optimizing staff performance. Boasting over twenty-five years of financial management practices, he has an outstanding background in supporting executive boards and maximizing profits of Fortune 500 companies.

Young’s accelerated career can be traced back to 1994 when he was

welcomed on board as an Assistant Accounting Supervisor for The District

of Columbia Courts. He immediately demonstrated a deep grasp of financial controls, auditing, processes, policies, financial planning & analysis, earning a brand as a rising leader whose distinction interlaces a wider-view of business needs to connect the dots between data and business expansion strategy. It is his unique strength that has led to repeated internal and external recruitment throughout his career, enabling a different and fresh perspective in building and leading financial units – reaching beyond the traditional finance role to deliver transformations in operations and business growth.

Quickly advancing, Michael was promoted to Accounting Supervisor and then to Chief of the Finance and Revenue Branch for the District of Columbia Courts. Expanding his leadership skills and experiences, Young advanced his roles and became a Financial Advisor, Financial Consultant, Wealth Management Advisor, Real Estate Broker, Program Manager, and Financial Analyst. Young is the founder of The Young Financial Group in 2003 and the Gemini Realty Group in 2007. A native of Washington, D.C., Michael Young earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from the University of Maryland. He completed his MBA at the University of Phoenix and holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Leadership and Management degree from Cornerstone Christian University.

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