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GoFundMe is NOT a Final Expense Plan

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

You've seen it. You've heard about it. You may even have contributed if you didn't click past it. 

This, unfortunately is not a new concept. All too often it's the humiliating last resort for a family who was not financially prepared for the loss of a loved one in death. There are more communities that see this kind of request in desperation to provide a decent burial as the last act of respect toward honoring the life of a mother, father, sister, brother or even a child. 

I know this because as embarrassing as it is to admit I've experienced the grueling pain of not having enough money to bury a loved one and having to rely on others to care for that responsibility after almost begging for support and assistance. 

You know, sometimes our loved ones who have not prepared properly will say to us things like, "just have me cremated and throw my ashes to the wind". What they fail to realize is that even doing that may cost more than we imagined or could afford. So if you're now wondering what you'd do in the case of a tragedy then please allow me to offer a few different solutions.

Option #1 - Do absolutely nothing.

This may be where you are currently. Understand that it is your option and responsibility to take action in protecting your finances against a legacy of debt. My urgency is to think not only of yourself but especially of those you may leave behind.

Option #2 - Create a savings account

Yes! Taking action to create a measure of security is exactly where you need to start. However I urge you also to consider the time it takes to accumulate the funds that will be necessary. Also consider whether or not there would be any additional benefits available in the meantime. Saving is good although a true safety net is still missing.

Option #3 - Get a life insurance policy

YES! Now you have provided yourself a safety net, not only in the consideration of the accumulation time for coverage of necessary final expenses but also preparing in advance for unforeseen occurrences where living benefits may serve you as an unexpected protection.

These are the options but the real question is what financial position do you want to be in when the loss of a loved one affects you and your family. Think about being prepared in advance and take the actions necessary to prevent the pain of loss from overwhelming your emotions and your finances. Let's talk about it.  Schedule a FREE Clarity Connection

Kevette Minor Kane, CFEI, CEIP

Financial Liberation Expert

MarimorLife LLC, Mindset & Money Management

Follow @marimorlife for tips and strategies

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