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#TYM2THRIVE: Celebrate with me! It's a Birthday Benefit Event!

this year for my birthday I decided to give back to my community. As a Certified Financial Education Instructor and a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner I guide my clients on their journey to self-sufficiency by teaching them about how our emotions affect our money management decisions. The goal is for them to become conscious of creating better habits to experience a greater quality of life.

I love golf because of the style and environment of the game. Being outdoors, walking the greens, and enjoying good company are all very healthy for us. Although I am limited in my golfing experience, my enthusiasm is abundant. For those who have experienced trauma and abuse this is a great therapy to support the healing process. In addition the sport is focused and great for neurological development and growth which also contributes to the healing process.

The reality is that we have all been through something and we must be proactive about our healing. We are all at different stages in the process as we work our way through grief and learn to cope. My goal is to assist and support as many people as I may in becoming "Healed, Healthy & Whole". So join me in a round of golf and please make a donation, even if you're unable to attend. These nonprofit organizations are all Black Women Owned & Operated and they truly deserve our support.

Momma's Safe Haven (DC)

Serving women in transition from domestic violence and supporting mother's with children returning home from prison.

The Ayana J. McAllister Legacy Foundation (MD)

Education our community about gun violence and promoting gun safety to "Stop the Violence" in the Black Community.

Bridging the Gap Youth Program (VA)

Promoting STEAM education through the development of local Innovation Labs that encourage our kids to "Stop the Violence" and prepare to fill the more than 2.4 million vacant STEAM jobs currently available.

This is the inaugural year for this annual event and I'm excited about establishing a solid foundation for enjoyment and growth in coming years. I hope you'll stay connected and continue to contribute for the greater good. This event has been named for the movement toward Mindset & Money Management in addition to the motivation for Transforming Your Mind & Transforming Your Money to Thrive! To learn more about this be sure to join the MarimorLife Community and receive notifications with updates and insights. You can also enjoy spreading this positive message by wearing merchandise from our shop. Then finally, you can make the transformation yourself by ordering a copy of the book from your Financial Liberation Expert, which is currently on preorder in our shop.

I'm looking forward to celebrating with you at the 2022 MarimorLife #TYM2THRIVE Golf Drive. Let's Play!!! Now is your time to thrive!

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